WiSensys is a user-friendly, wireless system developed by Wireless Value

It collects data from a large variety of sensors used for monitoring, alarming, reporting and control.

The battery powered sensors give detailed insights in process and environmental data, making it useful for a large variety of applications. The data is sent to the base station using reliable wireless communication.

The base station can be connected locally to a PC, data loggers and controllers. For this we offer a user interface on a local PC called SensorGraph. Our web based interface called Websensys allows for monitoring from any location, on any decive through Ethernet or GPRS.

WebSensys, the continuous monitoring system for the WiSensys platform

WebSensys is our secured web based platform which gives you the dashboard to view all parameters. All our sensors and also your existing sensors connected to our modules are visible in this portal.

WebSensys has many features which provide an easy overview of all your data. Data can be displayed in exactly the way you want.

  • Scalability. WebSensys can be used for Base Station with 4 modules up to a muIti- site installation with hundreds of sensors on different locations.
  • Add sensors on the fly. Via WebSensys you can easily add sensors to your system/Base Station
  • Organize and view. Select your sensors by datachannel and/or location for a quick and easy overview
  • Change sensor settings. Easily change Base Station or sensor names, change the sample interval or simply activate or deactivate a sensor
  • Mix and match. Select all sensors and parameters you want in one graph to see the correlation between processes
  • The big picture. Create heat charts or floorplans to oversee the bigger picture


  • Users and authorisations. Add users to the platform and give them the authorisations you want
  • Alarms and reports. Create alarm settings per datachannel and be notified via SMS or E-mail. Create and manage automatic reporting with tabs andgraphs
  • FDA CFR21 ch11 compliant. Raw data cannot be manipulated and is easily exported as .CSV file.
  • Any device and OS. View the web application from any device. As you only need an internet browser it is independent of any operating system

Where is the platform all about?

Sensorgraph, your local single site database and monitoring dashboard

Keep data on your own server with our PC version of Sensorgraph for storing and monitoring data. Sensorgraph is always part of our delivery as Sensorgraph is needed for configuring your wireless MODBUS and SDI12 modules.

SensorGraph offers the following features:

  • Alarms and reports. Create alarm settings per data channel and be notified via SMS or E-mail. Create and manage your automatic reporting with tabs and graphs
  • Change sensor settings. Give your sensor or Base Station a friendly name, change the sample interval
  • Notifications. Add notifications in a graph
  • Up to 5 users. Within your local network you can access the database with up to 5 users.

Where is the platform all about?