New enhancements cloud solution webSensys

6 January 2017

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WiSensys introduces improvements to their cloud solution WebSensys.

The user friendly web application for WiSensys is called WebSensys. For many years this platform is highly appreciated as user friendly with a clear dashboard.

On customers requests WiSensys introduced new enhancements.

Dew point line in graphs

When connecting a T/RH sensor to the WebSensys cloud the graph automatically shows the dew point. This calculated value is now introduced based on the data of the T/RH sensor.

Scalable floor plans

For many years WebSensys has a floorplan section. In this section you can upload your floorplan and drag and drop your sensors to the spot on the floorplan. New is the introduction of scalable zoom function into the floorplan in case you uploaded a large or a very detailed floorplan. Also new is that by use of colors you can see that the sensors are in range and/or are in alarm.

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