Base station / range extender

Base stations receive data from a large variety of WiSensys® sensors. The receiving base station makes sensor data available to:

  • WiSensys® PC software SensorGraph via a RS232 interface or to WiSensys® internet software WebSensys via ethernet and GPRS.
  • or to a data logger, PLC, automation system via RS485/422 and TCP/IP (MODBUS)
  • or as analogue output values.

The Range Extender can be added to the systems and acts as a repeater between sensor and base station if neccessary.

The distance between the sensor and the base station can be up to 1000 metres (free line of sight). Typical in-building range values are between 50 and 80 metres. If the coverage area of 1 base station is insufficient, additional base stations or one or more range extenders can be used to increase the coverage area.

Base stations can be networked to collect all measurement data from a single site. The internet application offers the possibility of viewing base stations on different sites.

When sensors are configured with alarm thresholds, the WiSensys® base station can power a switched relay to activate a system alarm. Detailed information has to be obtained via SensorGraph or via WebSensys.



  • Receiving data from WiSensys® sensors
  • Forwarding data to a PC, data logger, PLC or internet
  • Optional SD card storage
  • Sensor Range: 1000m (free line of sight)
  • Range Extender Range: 2000m (free line of sight)
  • WS-BU-rs232

    • Base station with RS232 connection to PC. Convertor to USB connection is available.
    • Protocol: Wireless Value proprietary
    • Data destination: PC with SensorGraph
    • Data storage: No
  • WS-BU-rs485

    • Base station with RS485 output. The protocol is MODBUS. More than one station can be connected on the RS485 bus. System alarm and relay are available.
    • Protocol: MODBUS @110bps – 230 kbps
    • Power: 8 – 30 V DC
    • Data destination:
    • Datalogger / PLC / PC
    • Data storage: SD Card
  • WS-BU-ana with analogue output

    • Base station with analogue output. Selectable output for 0 – 25 mA or 0 – 10 V. Max number of outputs is 4. System alarm and relay are available.
    • Output range: 0 – 25 mA / 0 – 10 V
    • Accuracy: +/- 0,25% of range
    • Data destination: PLC or equal / PC
    • Data storage: No
  • WS-REX

    • The Range Extender is a repeater between sensors and the base station. More Range Extenders can be connected to one base station. Range Extenders can act in a chain. Can be used in combination with all base station types.
    • Data destination: Base station / RangeExtender
    • Data storage: No
  • WS-BU-gprs

    • Base station with gprs modem for connection to a web server. Connection: GPRS link, programmable APN.
    • Data destination: internet address / PC
    • Data storage: 200.000 measured values
  • WS-BU-ethernet-01/03

    • Base station with ethernet TCP/IP output. The 01 version is for local PC use and supports MODBUS /TCP. The 03 version is for connection to the internet.
    • Data destination: 01 ver. PC / 03 ver. internet address
    • I/O configuration: static, DHCP
    • Data storage: SD Card